Diamond Painting Log Book

A diamond painting log book is a special notebook that is designed to track your works. Such books are very convenient and practical, especially if you are seriously engaged in diamond painting and you already have dozens of works.

In log books, you can enter various data that will help you sort your work at different stages.

Types Of Diamond Painting Log Books

There are different types of such books. In some, most pages are blank. This allows you to self-stick images of paintings, leave notes and write down the necessary information.

Other log books have many different columns where you enter data about your works. Here are a few of these columns: Size, Obtained From, Cost, Drill Type, Total Colors, Status, Date Started, Date Finished, What Was Done With DP, Price If Sold.

Some of them also have all the colors for DMC, a column to glue on the drills/diamonds to the matching colors, two pages of each, so you can cut out a set of pages if you prefer and keep a set still intact in the book. This is a great function for finding the colors you are missing and the spaces for the little diamonds.

You can find diamond painting log books that have index pages in the back for easy cross-referencing, a summary page where you can track various statistics from paintings logged in the book (i.e. favorite paintings, least favorite, total money spent, number of kits bought, smallest/largest size, among other details), as well as space to write down your favorite diamond painting tips & tricks and your preferred sites/sellers.

If you like to fill and draw everything yourself, then you can choose the book in which there are many blank pages. Then you will have the opportunity to create your own perfect book.

If a paper book is not an option for you, then you can install the application on your phone, in which you can also mark all the data.

Another option for those who do not like paper books is to download a log book in an electronic format and fill it out on your device.

One of such apps is the GemsFlow Logbook app. With its help you can structure your projects, have quick access to paintings and add new data wherein to keep everything in one place for greater convenience.

Key features:

- Quick access to all the information about your diamond paintings from your phone or tablet.

- Keep track of the colored drills for every project.

- Supported Project’s Information: Name, Canvas Size, Cost, Drill type, Date, Project status, Notes, Rating, Used Colors.

- DMC codes lookup table.

Create an account and have all your data securely stored in the cloud and automatically synchronized between all your devices.

You don’t need to buy a log paper book! Just get this app and you’re all set for your diamond paintings tracking!


In general, there are many different options. The main thing is to choose the diamond painting log book that you will like and which you will be happy to fill out.