GemsFlow Diamond Painting Log Book Mobile App

You are an inveterate diamond painter or have just started? In both cases you are probably aware of how important it is to keep track of all your projects and bags with drills. We know that it can be quite difficult, that is why we decided to make your life easier and created an app that will do all the work for you – GemsFlow Diamond Painting app.

It is free and available both on the App Store and Google Play.

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GemsFlow is a perfect app for your diamond paintings. You wonder, why exactly this one? Well, first of all, it keeps all your projects in one place. And you have quick access to the information wherever you are. Agree, it’s very comfortable as your phone is always at hand, which cannot be said about the log paper book.

But let’s dive deeper into the main advantages and key features of the GemsFlow app.

1. As we have said before, you have quick access to all the information about your diamond paintings. Just create an account and have all your data securely stored in the cloud and automatically synchronized between all your devices.

The projects are in one list, sorted by different statuses:

  • Not Received;
  • Received, Not Started;
  • Started;
  • On Hold;
  • Completed – Kept;
  • Completed – Sold;
  • Completed – Gifted.

2. Wish List status. You can create a wish list of diamond paintings you like, to remember what you want to get and where you saw it. Wish list is a separate section, so your projects won’t be mixed.

3. Keep track of the diamond drills required for every project and the ones you have in stock. You can enter values into the “Bags Required” and “Total Stock” fields. If you have some partial bags, just enter 0,5. For example, you can have 2,5 bags in stock, which basically means 2 full and 1 partial drill bags.

4. Project’s Information:

  • Name;
  • Canvas Size;
  • Obtained From;
  • Cost;
  • Drill type;
  • Date;
  • Project status;
  • Notes;
  • Rating;
  • Used Colors.

You can also track your progress by adding photos.

5. DMC / Aurora Borealis, Diamond Dotz color codes lookup table.

We are constantly updating the app and adding new features. We also believe that together with you we will take the diamond painting to a new level!


We are happy to share with you what our users say about the app:


“I love this app. So easy to use and keep track of all your diamond paintings and gems. And quickly see what gems you have left over. I highly recommend to all diamond painters.”


“Excellent interface and syncs across devices. Great way to track your stash and diamond inventory. Perfect way to maintain project details with photos. Exactly what I needed and I’ve this app!!”


“This app is perfect for diamond painters who has many diamond paintings waiting to be painted. It is very simple to use and I’m in love with this!”


“Great app! It is so easy to track my diamond paintings, and see where I am at. I almost lost one of my diamond paintings, purple girl, but I found it because of this app! Thanks for this blessing of an app🙏will keep using!”


“Does just as I thought it would. I am thoroughly pleased, better than my handwritten journal.”

I ❤️❤️❤️ this app. Not only am I able to inventory all my cards and canvases, but I also created an inventory sheet that keeps track of all my stock DMC and Diamond Dotz drills from my shop. It’s simple to use and keeps all your information close at hand. Thank you for this great tool!