Small Chihuahua DIY Diamond Painting
Small Chihuahua DIY Diamond Painting

Small Chihuahua DIY Diamond Painting

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  • This is a 100% FULL CANVAS COMPLETE KIT, it contains everything you need to complete the diamond painting project:
    • 100% Full-Drill Canvas - the cloth on which your chosen design is printed on a layer of glue. The symbols guide will be on the side. 
    • Labeled Diamond Packs - the core of your art, these are the little resin rhinestone pieces that you stick on to the canvas. The number of packs corresponds to the number of colors in the picture. It’s different depending on the size and picture you choose.
    • Double-sided diamond pen - the tool you will use to transfer the diamonds from the tray onto the canvas. 
    • Tray - the holding place to pour out diamonds of a single color for ease of access.
    • Glue Clay - is used to picking up diamonds with the diamond pen. The tip of the pen needs to go into this glue first.
    • Stainless-Steel tweezers - an alternative way of transferring the diamonds from the tray onto the canvas. 
  • Please note that the frame is not included. It’s not required for the project completion, but you may make or buy one separately for that special piece you want to display on your wall or desk.
  • GemsFlow offers a warranty and will last you a long time. However, we understand that accidents happen and we don't want our customers to ever be sad, so we offer free accidental insurance.

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